At HomeKeepr, we believe that Homeowners and Real Estate professionals have a lot more to share than a one-time transaction. We accomplish this by keeping real estate professionals connected to homeowners as a valued resource for local information and home maintenance.

For Professionals

HomeKeepr is a Real Estate Pro branded mobile app for your homeowner clients. We help you drive repeat & referral business from your existing clients by helping you to stay valuable to them after a sale. Our “set it and forget it” mobile & desktop applications help you do this in 2 ways:

1 - By helping you remain a valuable resource to your clients for managing their home.

2 - By helping you transition from a one-time business relationship to a trusted resource for local information.

We create a fully customized home maintenance calendar for your clients. We follow up with them monthly by sending branded reminders directly to their phone and/or email inbox along with your recommended local vendors that can help if the task is too hard, too specialized, or just too time consuming.

HomeKeepr Demo Video for Professionals from Jutta Burden on Vimeo .

For Home Owners

HomeKeepr is simply the best way to manage your largest asset, your home. Our mobile app will create a fully customized home maintenance calendar based on the answers you give to a few simple questions. We follow up with you monthly by sending maintenance reminders directly to your phone along with advice on how to handle them. In many cases we also allow local real estate agents to provide recommended local vendors who can help you out if the task is too hard, too specialized, or just too time consuming for you to do yourself.


HomeKeepr Demo Video for HomeOwners from Jutta Burden on Vimeo.