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Why Is My Home Not Selling?
  • Nov 24, 2015
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When you first listed your home with your real estate agent probably he or she gave you some advice, that the market is tough, that buyers are picky, and that you'll have to do some work to get your home to "show" well. Maybe you didn't have the time or the money to do the repairs and updates your real estate agent suggested. Now, it’s three months later, and you've had few showings and no offers. So what can you do to help the situation?

You overpriced your home

You didn't listen when you were told that you're asking too much money. Sit down with your real estate agent and have a new price strategy to attract more buyers.

Repaint your home.

Pick a nice neutral paint color. Take everything you can out of the rooms to be painted, Put back only what is sleek, new looking, and in great condition. Anything else doesn't need to be seen by buyers, it will only drag down your home's value.

You’ve got too much stuff.

Buyers don't like overstuffed closets, and toys strewn everywhere, it just makes your house look smaller, dated and storage-deprived. So pack anything that isn't absolutely necessary for daily living and put it in storage.

Clean everything

Cleaning is essential to remove the daily odors and stains of living. Kitchens and baths are the two areas where eat-off-the-floor cleanliness is called for. Scrub tiles of mold and mildew stains, and remove hard water deposits. Clear countertops and polish appliances to shiny brightness.

Do those repairs

Nail down loose boards, trim bathroom drawers that stick, brighten the rooms with higher watt bulbs, and fix that leak and anything else that got you negative feedback from previous showings.

Stage the house.

Set a nice tone for showings by lighting a candle in the bathroom, putting out pretty place settings on your dining table, adding fresh flower arrangements, opening the curtains, and lighting a fire in the fireplace. Having a room do too much confuses buyers and makes the home look inadequate.

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