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Secrets to Saving Big on a Newly Built Home
  • Sep 11, 2015
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Planning to move soon? If you're looking to purchase a brand-new home -- one that's just been constructed -- the price will be determined mostly based on its location, building materials, and size. But that doesn't mean you have to pay sticker price.

 Consult with your Realtor,…they represent YOU in the transaction and is knowledgeable about this process.

Here are some tactics would-be buyers can follow to save thousands of dollars on a brand-new home.

 Be the First Buyer -- or the Last Buyer!

Developing a new neighborhood often takes some time. The first buyers will have to deal with  some of challenges that come with living in a subdivision under construction.  As more houses are sold, the development attracts more attention, and it becomes easier for the developer to sell more homes.

For this reason, builders are willing to offer better deals to early buyers. If you can accept the challenges that nearby construction can bring, buying the first house in a new subdivision is a great way to save money.

Somewhat paradoxically, buyers can also get great deals on the last house. By that point, builders are eager to wrap up the project and move on, and will be more willing to cut a deal if you're buying the last home in a newly built subdivision.



Buy in November or December!

The holiday season is notoriously slow for home sales. Most would-be buyers are occupied with other activities, and in colder climates, the weather makes shopping for a new home generally less pleasant than at other times of year.

If you are willing to buy in November or December, you'll be the exception -- giving you the advantage. Builders may be more likely to offer incentives, or cut a better deal. If you can put off your purchase, this November might be your best time to buy.

 Know What You Want Before You Get Started!

One of the greatest advantages of buying a new home is getting to make decisions about details: carpet or wood flooring, fireplace or not, window treatments, light fixtures -- new buyers generally get to pick all these things and more.

But building a new home can take months, buyers will often change their minds about what they want. Unfortunately, having to make changes is costly -- redoing a floor or swapping out window treatments can tack thousands of dollars onto the final price of the home.  Consult your Realtor thru-out the process!

If you're dead set on a making a radical change to your new home, it's better to do it during construction than afterward, but know that making changes after the process has gotten under way will cost you.

Enjoy Your New Home!

A home is one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make. In the end, the most important thing is getting a house that suits your needs -- one that fits your family, but also your budget. These tips might not be practical for everyone, but those who can put them to use will get themselves a better deal.

By working closely with you Realtor you can make this move memorable!

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