National home builder confidence nears pre-recession levels in September
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U.S. home builder confidence was back in spades during September, close to levels previously seen in 2005 before the Great Recession.

Five Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent When Selling
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Five  Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent When Selling

When selling real estate, sometimes it better to hire the professional that to ensure the job gets done right.  This can be said for many things in life.  Nobody is an expert at everything, which is why there are trained and experienced professionals in every industry. Unless you’re experienced in selling real estate, hiring a real estate agent to sell your home is the smart way to go.

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There are many things to consider when you’re relocating.  Packing, finding boxes, moving, paper work, and staying sane while your family drives you crazy are just a few of many things you will have to juggle when relocating. With these tips, you can salvage a bit of your sanity.

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